The Process of Getting a Tax Lien Released

Maybe you’ve gotten a notice from the Internal Revenue Service advising you a Federal Tax Lien is going to be filed against your assets for unpaid taxes. In case you made no effort to resolve your tax debt that is outstanding within 30 days from the exact date of the notice, the tax lien will be attached to all your properties.

You may submit an application to the Internal Revenue Service for discharge of the Federal Tax Lien. One of many following activities is required to fulfill IRS requirements:

  • Make a partial payment to the IRS.
  • Submit another piece of property in lieu of your personal residence. The property must be valued as double the sum of the tax debt.
  • The IRS has determined the property is of no worth to clear the tax debt.
  • The Internal Revenue Service is needed by law to eliminate the lien within 30 days once the release has been approved.

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